Woman showcases extreme strength crushing watermelons with her thighs in juicy footage

Bodybuilder Kortney Olson has wracked up millions of views on Facebook and Youtube showcasing her unique party trick involving watermelons.

The athlete – Australia’s first ever female arm wrestling champion – has proved she has quite a talent when it comes to crushing the giant fruit.

Several of the videos she posts online feature her watermelon trick – and it’s proved to be popular with fans.

In the clip the fitness guru, from Queensland, Australia, is seen sitting on the ground with the watermelon between her impressive bare thighs.

STREUTH: Kortney crushes the watermelon with her thighs in seconds

In just seconds she squeezes her legs together and obliterates the melon.

The video has been watched more than six million times online.

Byron Varvel commented on the footage, saying: “Dang, talk about melon smoothie after this. That woman got some thighs, dog.

“This was enjoyable to watch. Go girl!”


Matthew Edward said: “Why am I so turned on by this.”

Olson has been the subject of many TV documentaries showcasing her strength including Stan Lee’s Superhumans where scientists claimed she had the “strongest thighs on the planet”.

In another of her eye-watering videos she smashes six watermelons in six seconds with her bulging muscles.

Kortney says she aims to empower girls and women online to encourage and improve their wellbeing.

And she isn’t the first woman to prove her quad strength by crushing a watermelon with her legs.

Olga Liaschuk, 30 from Kyiv, Ukraine,


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