Watch: extremely rare moment baby is born inside amniotic sac

This incredible video captures something that only happens to one in every 80,000 babies…

If you’ve just eaten or if you’re thinking about eating soon, then I think you should probably give this article a miss.

In a one-in-80,000 chance a baby has been born while still fully inside the amniotic sac. The video of the baby, who was born in Spain, has smashed it online, getting over 6.8 million views since it was uploaded on Saturday, the Mail Online reports.


If you can face watching the video all the way through (well done, you’re a lot less squeamish than me) you can see the baby wriggling around, keen to burst out the bag and check out the world. Kind of cool, kind of gross.

The baby is one half of a set of twins and was born after its brother or sister. In a usual childbirth the amniotic bag is broken during labour, and this rare event is considered lucky. So, well done, kid, welcome to the world.


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