People are posting pictures of their pets before and after being called ‘a good boy’

Who’s a good boy?’ ‘WHO’S a good boy?’

It’s the universal question of pet owners the world over, and it’s the one phrase (besides ‘Walkies’ and ‘Vet’) that animals definitely, definitely understand.

When you manically ask a dog, ‘Who’s a good boy?’ and he responds with a proud bark and an excited wag of the tail, it just confirms that animals are bloody intelligent.

You see – Rufus knows the question is rhetorical.

He’s fully aware you’re not asking him who he thinks is good, and that you’re not talking about that pr*ck of a Labrador from down the road.

He knows damn well that it is he who you call ‘good’.

And his face shows he’s pleased.

Reddit users took to the site to share their own before and after being called ‘a good boy’ pictures, and they are, quite frankly, wonderful.

It resolved some angry situations

And got some real good snoot shots

Huge praise is music to the ears of tiny dogs

No creature is resistant to ‘good boy’ praise

It’s universally loved by all






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