Massive hand-sized tarantula seen eating 15 inch snake in world first

The discovery is being called a world first (Picture: Leandro Malta Borges)

You might not immediately be able to tell what is but we can tell you that you are in fact looking at a world first.

Believe it or not, the grim spectacle above is a tarantula eating the body of a snake in Brazil – the first time such a scenario has been seen in the wild.

The discovery, which happened in early December but has only just been reported,  was made by a team of scientists in the far south of Brazil.

Under a rock they found the 15  inch Almaden ground snake being preyed up by the hand-sized Grammostola tarantula.

The species was only described last year and thought to only live in Uruguay.

Tarantulas had only ever been seen preying on snakes in captivity (Picture: Leandro Malta Borges)
The species of tarantula was only discovered last year (Picture: Leandro Malta Borges)
Previously, researchers had created an encounter in which a Goliath birdeater had fed on a viper (Picture: Leandro Malta Borges)
Leandro Malta Borges, a graduate student in biology at the Federal University of Santa Maria in Brazil. told Live Science: ‘Predation of such a large snake in relation to the size of the spider was extremely surprising to us.’
It is the first time a tarantula has been witnessed eating a snake in the wild.
Previously, researchers had created an encounter in which a Goliath birdeater had fed on a viper.

Typically tarantulas prey on other spiders, insects, smaller reptiles, amphibians, birds or mammals.

Leandro added: ‘There are other records of spiders preying on snakes, such as the famous black widow, which has a strong toxin and, besides, rely on the web for capturing.’

The results have since been published in a paper.





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