Leftist George Lopez: Tiger Woods is Now ‘WHITE’ Because He Played Golf With Donald Trump

Progressive leftist Democrat and comedian George Lopez, who should be the poster child for facelifts gone wrong, showed his inner racism after learning that professional golfer Tiger Woods had agreed to play golf with the next President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Woods, who played golf with Obama in 2013 at a reported cost to taxpayers of $3.6 million, according to the Government Accountability Office, hit the links with President-elect Trump on Friday, one of the few days Trump has taken off since beginning his presidential campaign 18 months ago.

TMZ caught up with George Lopez and asked for a comment Friday to Tiger Woods playing golf with Trump.

“That’s just a couple of white dudes playing golf,” Lopez said, suggesting that Tiger Woods is no longer black because he played golf with a white man.

“Listen, all golfers are Republicans,” Lopez said. “Everybody knows that.”

Huh? So, is Lopez saying that Obama is a Republican because, as well all know, Obama played well over 270 rounds of golf during his presidency. (The site ObamaGolfCounter.com stopped tallying in January 2016, even though Obama’s golfing continued.)

Lopez went on to ramble that he somehow knows who Woods voted for even though if Woods has revealed it, we can’t find it.

“So Tiger’s a Republican and Tiger voted for Trump,” he said. “You know, you vote for Trump, that would be your dude that you want to golf with. I didn’t vote for him so I wouldn’t golf with him.”

Lopez went on to say he has previously golfed with Trump and that he “cheated like a motherfu**er.”

Does that mean George Lopez is no longer Hispanic and, according to his “logic,” that he’s a “secret Republican?”


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