Great-grandma accidentally prays to Lord of the Rings figurine for years

A great-grandmother has been accidentally praying to a figure of Elrond, an elf from The Lord of the Rings, after mistaking it for a figurine of Saint Anthony, every day for years.

Her relative, Gabriela Brandão, a freelance makeup artist from Florianópolis, Brazil, made the discovery after taking a look at the great-grandmother’s figurine, and realising something wasn’t quite right.

Following her gut instinct, Gabriela searched online for the figure – and found one exactly identical to the great-grandmother’s.

However, there was only one problem – the figure wasn’t listed under ‘Saint Anthony’, it was in fact listed under ‘Elrond’. Oops.

Gabriela posted images of her discovery to Facebook last week.

The captions on the images translate to: ‘My daughter’s great-grandmother prays to this figure of Saint Anthony every day, but looking more closely…’, before the big reveal was made.

To be fair we can totally see how the confusion was made, just look at the similarities:

And don’t worry, the Gabriela’s daughter’s great-grandmother is no longer praying to a member of LOTR collective.


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