Gaming addict and elderly grandma filmed in internet bar swigging beer and smoking with two young children

The League of Legends players were spotted in a smoke-filled Chinese internet cafe playing the massively popular game with the toddler and baby


A gaming addict has been filmed smoking, drinking beer and playing League of Legends in an internet cafe with her elderly mum – and two young kids in tow.

The nan, who is said to be in her 70s, was spotted in the Chinese internet cafe playing the massively popular game.

The mobile phone footage taken by one of the business’s customers appears to show the careless mum wearing a headset and typing away, while she swigs from a bottle of beer.

She has a cigarette permanently in her mouth as her young son sits on her lap and her young baby is strapped to her back.

The older woman, meanwhile, takes a swig of beer now and then while tapping away at the keyboard.

Both of the gamers hardly look away from the large flat screens as they play the online role playing game.

Shockingly, the mum’s two young kids sit there inhaling the second-hand smoke as she puffs away on a cigarette.

The family of four are largely ignored by the other gamers, who appear to be mostly young men and women.

Internet cafés are often regulated in China, with minors barred from entering the establishments, but illegal net bars are also rife in some of the country’s more rural regions.

The businesses are hugely popular with online gamers and are often open 24/7.


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