At last! Florida’s beloved pair of bald eagles welcome their first eaglet after the world watched with bated breath for days


  • Southwest Florida’s eagles, Harriet and M15, have welcomed their first hatchling
  • The pair of beloved eagles are now waiting patiently for the second egg to hatch 
  • Two eggs, laid November 22 and 25, were expected to hatch by New Year’s Day 

An incredibly adorable bald eaglet has finally broken out of its shell in its Florida nest.

Eagle parents, Harriet and M15, are Fort Myers’ most beloved bald eagles and onlookers from across the globe watched eagerly as the pair welcomed their first hatchling Saturday morning, CTV News reported.

After it was born, the baby bird was heard singing as Harriet and M15 continued their wait for their second egg to hatch.


The hatchling began tapping on its shell Thursday but took until Saturday morning to finally break from its shell.

Both eggs were expected to hatch between Christmas and News Year’s Day.

And since the second egg has yet to hatch, some are speculating that the sibling eaglets may be born in 2016 and 2017.

At one point the mama bird left her nest, allowing viewers to get a good look at the newest addition to the bald eagle family.

The little ball of fluff waited patiently for its mother to return and even chirped a little.

Once Harriet came back to the nest, she carefully maneuvered her body so that the egg and her hatchling would fit comfortably under her belly.

A video live stream, provided by Florida real estate company Dick Pritchett Real Estate, captured the incredible moment the baby emerged from its shell.


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